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Success Stories

4300+ Badges Awarded using Open Badging System

Together with Intel, Society for Science & the Public (SSP) envisioned a badging system to recognize achievement in its premier high school science competitions, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) and the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS)...  



1,000,000 Eye Balls can’t be wrong. Ebizon builds world’s largest growing Drupal website.

TeenTribune, TweenTribune and TTEspañol deliver the teen and tween audience with compelling stories kids won’t find anywhere else. Tween Tribune provides - no gossip, no games, just news that engages kids. Tweentribune partnered with Ebizon to scale their website and emerged as the world’s largest growing Drupal website – 20,000,000 ad impressions and 5,000,000 visitors per month, 3,000 comments and 10,000 nodes per day.



New Content Management system keeps US’ largest not for profit health plan ahead of curve.

Kaiser Permanante – ‘US’ largest not for profit health plan’ improved its content repository and search mechanism by migrating to a robust content management system implemented by Ebizon and powered by Drupal.



A charity evaluator site - migrated from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7.

The modules and repository were getting obsolete as the traffic grew on ‘Givewell’ Drupal 5 site. With increasing traffic on the site and Drupal 7 hitting the CMS world, Ebizon suggested and upgraded the site to latest Drupal version. It was a rough ride with a few sharp corners as the site was in a phase out stage (under maintenance for past 2-3 years). 



Tailored solution delivered to ‘a worldwide spiritual organization’.

Self-Realization Fellowship was struggling to reduce the number of phone calls they use to get from devotees who were unable to find various pieces of information on their old web site, such as the timings of various services or special events. The 2-3 weeks long process of producing the content, getting approval and publishing on the website added to their frustration. A tailored solution - easy to use interface, a better and much faster publishing process - was designed and developed by Ebizon team.



Ebizon transforms Modeldriven Community to a Social Collaborative Platform.

After years of continuous growth of Model Driven Solutions, they wanted to position as the community for anything "model driven". They partnered with Ebizon to develop a solution that worked well with OMG processes, like SoaML. With the new solution, Modeldriven platform was transformed to a Social Collaborative Platform where people who are interested in Model Driven Architecture can share their views and discuss their problems via projects, discussion forums, blogs and groups within portal. 



Leveraging dynamic CMS enabling real time update for a leading Caribbean based resort.

Casade Campo, a leading Caribbean based Resort known for its unique cache of facilities and impeccable service was facing a real challenge of updating their upcoming villas on their static website. The challenge did not end with the addition of new villas but the real challenge was to ensure that each new addition returned in the search item. Ebizon transformed Casede Campo’s website from static to content based thus facilitating their team to easily manage the content themselves.

Business process automatized for ‘India’s first Industry – Academia Engagement Platform’

Oyster Connect acts as a bridge between Educational Institutes and Mentors where in Educational Institutes get access to wide range of training programs and Industry professionals and Mentors get the opportunity to teach and share their industry insights with the budding professionals. Earlier this process was manually handled and it was not possible to cover large spectrum of Institutes and Mentors, also managing the entire process was a complicated and tedious task. Ebizon completely automated the whole process helping them widen their reach.

India’s largest selling comic book series harnesses the power of ecommerce to convert their business to e-business.

The urge to gain better maintenance of the vast repository and huge content on their website made it essential for ACK to revamp their website. ACK brought in Ebizon’s team to develop a full-fledged, competent and user friendly e-business solution on a more powerful CMS – ‘Drupal’. 

A digital solution that brings regular University of the Sacred Heart, Brescia on your iPhone.

University of the Sacred Heart, Brescia wanted to keep students up to date on courses of study for their university placement while on the go. A solution to Geolocalize destinations Erasmus was needed so that students can watch the interviews with the children who participated in the Erasmus program and also know the dates and the expiration of the courses from their iPhone. Ebizon met their unique requirement by developing an iPhone application – ‘OpenDay UCSC’

Largest interactive Kiosk Spanish Magazines goes digital. 

Kio Digital, the largest interactive Kiosk for Spanish Magazines, partnered with Ebizon to develop digital magazines compatible on iPad and Tablet. With Kio Digital’s digital magazine users can read the online and offline magazines available on Kio Digital’s website.